United Methodist Women are now United Women in Faith. This change officially took place in March, 2022.  According to an article in the March/April 2022 RESPONSE, the magazine of women in mission, over the course of 150 years, this organization has had more than 25 names. In 1972 the name United Methodist Women was adopted. The article says, because “we are again facing a change in the life of the church and how women live and choose to engage the world in faith, it is again time to take on a new name. Despite the name change, we will remain the official women’s organization of the United Methodist Church. In fact, we will continue to see the name United Methodist Women in some places. 

  A new mission statement has been selected. “United Women in Faith seeks to connect and nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership, development, creative fellowship, and education so that they can inspire, influence, and impact local and global communities.” 

            Three tenets of the revamped organization are Faith, Action, and Sisterhood. Faith, because “We are a faith-driven organization.” Action, because of “Acts of love, acts of faith, acts of change.” Sisterhood, because “We welcome and connect women together.” 

            The new logo features the new name: United Women in Faith next to a Christian cross in muted yellow, blue, orange and green to reflect our “forward-looking faith and the diversity of the organization and God’s world.” 

            Algona First United Methodist Church’s unit of United Women in Faith generally meets on  the first Thursday of the month for a noon luncheon, a speaker, and a business meeting. Our two Circles, Charity and Friendship, alternate preparing and serving the luncheon. We do not meet in January or July. In June we alternate between a luncheon honoring our members who have achieved a life of 80 or more years and a guest day with members from surrounding United Methodist churches invited. In August we hold a Fellowship Coffee at 9:30 in the morning. Our two Circles meet the third Thursday of the month, with no meetings held in July or August. Friendship Circle meets at 1:30 p.m and Charity Circle meets at 7:00 p.m. 

  Membership is open to all. Please consider joining us. 


Executive Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the month. They meet @ 11:15am.

The General Meeting is @ Noon the 1st Thursday of the month. They start with a light lunch. And have a short program after.

Friendship Circle meets on the 3rd Thursday of the Month @ 1:30pm.

Charity Circle meets on the 3rd Thursday of the Month @ 7pm. 

These beautiful ladies were celebrated on June 1st! 

They are our 80+Members!

Friendship Circle

enjoying their trip

to Fort Dodge!

The Charity Circle visiting our Nursing home residents during the month of December!

The Friendship Circle enjoyed a lunch at AK Chrome for their meeting in December. They met after at church for dessert and games!